We are Martin Anderton and Walker Powell. We live with our two boys in beautiful Greenfield, Massachusetts. We have been homesteading and raising food-producing animals both professionally and personally for about twelve years now. This included for Martin a five year stint as the co-owner of Stony Brook Eggs, a pastured poultry farm based in Granby MA. He has also practiced permaculture, bio-intensive farming and holistic management techniques. Walker helped out at Stony Brook Eggs while earning her BA in Biology from Smith College and has also worked as a milker at a dairy farm, farm caretaker, cook, and of course, mother. She recently earned her MSc in Sustainable Landscape Design and Planning from the Conway School in Northampton.


Food security, the environment, and community self-sufficiency are very important to us.  Helping other people learn how to increase their own food security is also important to us, yet it seems that while backyard gardens have become much more common, relatively few people still raise food-producing animals or perennial food forest crops in urban settings. To begin to address this lack, we want to help people get started raising backyard animals, like chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits, and more, and start thinking about how to produce more tree, nut, and fruit crops in their own yards. We talk directly to people in our community to determine what they feel is the barrier that prevents them from growing more of their own food, and then work with them to create a solution tailored to their individual needs and situation. 


Other TEAM members


Jack Anderton



Jack has been helping us farm and raise poultry since before he was born. He has a real knack for handling the young chicks and makes sure all our pullets are friendly.


Asher Anderton



The youngest member of our team is already gentle with the chicks, loves the older birds, and never ceases to entertain and teach us.