Managing your manure is key to preventing your animals from creating bad smells that can disturb neighbors or attract predators. A few of the many benefits of properly composting your manure are:


  • Composted manure is one of the best ways to create healthy garden soils and top soil for your lawn.

  • It can be used as a supplemental heat source for your animals in winter using the deep litter method. 

  • It can produce yummy snacks for your chickens by growing worms.

  • It can be adjusted and improved by adding nutrient-dense forage crops from your pasture directly into the compost or by feeding them to your animals.

I have been composting for years and would love to help you set up a system in your yard that requires a minimum of time and effort to create black gold for your soil and gardens. If you're not interested in actively composting, I will design a method of managing the manure for you that can still prevent odors or mess.

Compost Pickup Service

Forage Production

Forage is the plants and bugs that free-ranging animals find to eat. The best way for animals to get forage is finding it themselves in the wild. If you are limited to a small yard or a monoculture lawn or depleted pasture, foraging availability can be improved by planting and seeding a diversity of forage crops in and around your property.


Diversifying forage also improves soil fertility by sequestering carbon and drawing nutrients from deep underground and improves the nutrient density of your soil and other plants. 

If you have a small yard and have to keep your animals fenced or in a run you can still grow a divers area of forage plants that you can harvest and feed to your animals as snacks to improve their health. By then spreading their manure across the areas where you grew the forage, you provide the same benefits as rotational grazing without needing to move fences and animals.