EggShare Co-ops

In late summer 2019 we set up the first EggShare Co-op at the Pleasant Street Community Garden in Greenfield. The original plan had been to rotate a flock of hens in the garden to help fertilize the soil. But with the support of the garden members and other neighbors, the project expanded into a co-op, in which seven households shared the work of caring for the flock and in return received fresh eggs and the opportunity to spend time with the hens and learn how to care for them. The project was so successful that it returned the following year and in late 2020 we set up the second EggShare Co-op on Deerfield Street on a vacant lot owned by the City of Greenfield. 

Following this promising beginning, we, along with members of the two current co-ops, are planning to expand next year, with at least one additional co-op in the works, its express goal will be to include more low-income and BIPOC households in the co-ops. 

We are also working on a partnership with Felix Lufkin of Help Yourself, Inc, to plant edible perennials at the co-op sites to increase the productivity ad soil health of the sites.

cheapside sign.jpg

Stay tuned for more news about the EggShare Co-ops and contact us to be placed on a waitlist to participate, if you have a site that may be appropriate for a co-op, or to get involved!