Humane Backyard Animal Slaughter

In many cases the animals that we raise are not simply a source of food, they can be friends and companions, as well.  And as such we want the best for them at the end of their time with us. It is also hard to learn how to take an animal's life in a gentle humane way. That is why I provide Backyard Animal Slaughtering Services and Education.

What is Humane Slaughter?

It's hard to think of slaughter as gentle, So I do my best to handle the animals gently and give them the respect and gratitude that they deserve. I move quickly and calmly through the process and make sure that my knife is always sharp to prevent pain in their last moments.

What is the Process?

We set a date and I come with all the necessary equipment. You can choose to help, watch, or not be present at all. You can request a workshop or class to include friends who would like to learn the process as well. I also butcher and package the meat as requested. I try to make use of as many of the parts of the animal as possible, so if you are not interested in the "odd bits" I will take them off your hands and put them to use. 

Is it Legal?

Yes! So long as you don't try to sell the meat, you can do what you want in your backyard.