It is important to make sure that your town zoning allows you to keep animals, and if so, how many and what kinds. If they don't you can often apply for a permit to keep animals anyway, or to keep more than the zoned amount. The process of applying for a permit looks roughly like this.

  • Go to the zoning office, figure out your zoning, get an application.

  • Create a detailed plan for animal care and management

  • Talk to neighbors

  • Pay a fee when the application is turned in ( this varies from town to town; in Greenfield it's $300.)

  • Go to the next zoning meeting where they will talk about your proposal

  • Wait for a decision to be made

  • Upon approval, start planning for your animals.

How can we help?

I am familiar with zoning regulations and permitting processes and can walk you through the process or I can simply file for the permit in your name. This can be part of a complete plan you do with me, or just a one-time service.