Consultation and Design

Following Walker's graduation from the Conway School, we are pleased to offer full landscape design services in addition to one-time consultations to discuss topics such as backyard livestock, garden design or expansion, homestead design or improvement, water management using techniques such as swales and rain gardens, and improving the productivity or sustainability of your property. Walker is also interested in wild edibles and will aid in identification, harvest, and use of wild edibles on your property. 


Depending on the focus of your project, either Martin or Walker will visit your property and discuss your goals and assessing current conditions. We can discuss potential uses for your property, appropriate animals or edible plantings, where water management might need to be implemented, permitting and other legal issues, and give you an overview of what a design for your property would entail. We can also aid you in taking soil samples if you want. 

1.5-2 hours $150


If you decide to hire us to create a design will we credit the cost of the consultation toward the design fee. 

Our design focus on working with the existing assets and strengths of your land, maximizing productivity, sustainability, and health of the land without disturbing the existing ecology. We believe that humans can cohabit with the other beings, both animal and plant, that share their land, in a way that increases the well-being of all. 

Designs can range from a small garden or chicken coop design, ideas for perennial plantings, or a rain garden, to an entire homestead plan that includes multiple animals and productive planted areas. We use permaculture and ecological design tenants to create a design that considers food production and the heath of the land for years to come.


Designs generally take from 2-4 months to complete, with a thorough process of back-and-forth communication to ensure your goals are being met. 

Designs range from $1,500 - $4,000​ depending on the size of your property and the complexity of the design.

Herb Garden Detail rendered.png
outdoor classroom.png

Design Process

Designs are created in three phases, beginning with a thorough analysis of your property and the creation of an accurate basemap based on GIS and measurements we take.

The second phase involves preliminary design ideas, when we share with you 1-2 design drafts and get feedback on what you like and what you would like to change. 

The third and final phase culminates in a final design rendering, additional detail and 3D renderings as needed, planting lists, a timeline, and a cost estimate for your project. 

Final Garden Design png.png