Started Chicks

If you ever thought about owning chickens, or want to increase your flock, but don't have the time, space, or inclination to deal with delicate day-old chicks in a brooder, check out our started chicks. We raise chicks in our own brooders until fully-feathered, around 5-6 weeks, at which point they are ready to head to your home! We can also keep them until they are near laying age at 16 weeks.This year we are excited to announce that we will be hatching our own chicks, providing you with happy healthy babies from happy pasture-raised breeding flocks. These chicks are healthier and less stressed than chicks that are subjected to days in the mail, and unlike the large hatcheries, our hens and roosters are always allowed access to fresh pasture and the outdoors. 

We will be raising four breeds this year, with some potential for the breeds available to change. We chose the four breeds that we have found to be the most reliable egg producers in our own flock, and breed for health and consistent egg production. 


Breeds available as of April 15th:

  • Rhode Island Red

  • Black Australorp

  • Brown Leghorn

  • Black Sex Links

  • Easter Eggers (A cross between our Ameraucana hens and our Brown Leghorn rooster)

  • Whiting True Blue and Whiting True Green (both from Murray McMurray Hatchery)

Chick price: $10 at 5 weeks; $20 at 16 weeks


Since we are hatching our own chicks, they will of course be both male and female. However, by 5 weeks, we can sex them by comb size with 80% accuracy, and as they get older it becomes easier. 

If you do end up with a rooster, we are happy to offer humane slaughter services or teach you how to process your birds yourself. Roosters are an unavoidable part of raising chickens and we believe they deserve more than a quick death as a chick, as would likely occur to them in a larger hatchery. Raising them to maturity in a good home, then humanely processing them to provide nutritious food, demonstrates our gratitude and appreciation of their lives.