Started Pullets

Want to try hens but not sure you're ready to brood delicate day-old chicks? Let me do the brooding for you and take home young hens, anywhere from 4 - 16 weeks of age, that are ready to live outside in a coop and will start laying far sooner. 

How does it work?

In the spring, beginning usually in February, I will order a variety of heritage egg-laying hens and brood them at my house. You can choose what kinds you want, or let me choose for you. I can also brood other poultry, such as ducklings or turkey poults. When the chicks are ready to live outside, beginning at 4 weeks, and when you're ready for them, I will bring them to your house and get them settled in. Our chicks are well-handled and grow into friendly tame chickens that love people, especially kids. 

When will my pullets start laying eggs?

Most heritage breed begin laying around at around 4- 6 months. So for eggs in July, you would need to order chicks in March. Chicks ordered later in the year will start laying early in the spring, usually in March or April.  

Currently available:

We currently are sold out of pullets. Our next batch will be ready to move out of the brooder the first week of July. Contact us for more information about breeds and up-to-date availability.